Wednesday, 19 July 2017


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 " Performing Dance: on Stage Vs for Youtube channel"

Humma Humma Dance Video Cover Image

No doubt I love this song (Humma Humma A R Rehman) and it's one of my favorite songs. There was an essence in 90's songs that somewhat lost in today's songs. There were some awesome melodious romantic songs in 90s and early 2000s and I have great love for them. Not only romantic songs I love 90's Dance numbers too, as I love how musicians used to experiment with different musical instruments, that innovative unique musics and beats give me ample of space to include different steps as beats change in every 5 seconds. I do not much like those songs where whole song plays on single type of beat only.  

I love Humma Humma song because this is purely a romantic song yet have superb dance music which makes it unique. 

I first performed on this song on stage 6 years ago. I loved choreographing and performing on this song particularly because it was audience favorite of that event πŸ™‚. And I have beautiful memories of that performance. 

When I was selecting song for my next Youtube Dance Video. I was receiving requests for a Hip-Hop dance number. So I thought why not to recreate the magic of Humma Humma on my channel😊. Though I did not remember the all steps from my previous Humma Humma stage performance but most of the steps are same. 

Shooting a Dance Video is quite different than performing live on stage. Whenever I give stage performance my all work is only limited to my performance, my only job is to give my best performance and once it's done I am done. Factors that make things a little easier while performing live on stage are ample of stage space, sound manager as I do not need to take tension for music, everything thing is already set on stage, all I need to focus on my performance, and of course my lovely lovely enthusiastic audience who fill me with tremendous energy while I perform. In contrast of this, while shooting my youtube dance video, all work is done by me. I have to manage stage, sound, and camera too and still need to maintain focus on my performance. 

When I give stage performance I never ever watch my performance video till 6-7 months as I find it a little awkward to watch myself performing, I do not like it but when I shoot my youtube dance video I have to watch my performance 100 times, first just after shooting to check if all things are in place later while editing. I have to watch my performance numerous time during editing and that's the most awkward thing I face. But bright side is day by day I am learning a lot of videography through my videos and I really love it 😊 

I have a clip of Humma Humma performance which is not in very good condition but still have a look,


So this is the footage of my live performance that I have managed to find from my thousands of media collection. It took me entire day to find this clip. I remember I had performed with empty stomach. I generally don't eat before my performance but that event started quite late. By the time of my performance  dinner time was already  over and after performing I was so hungry but most of the food was already over, so I had to manage with very little food but it was all worthy when I had received extreme positive response from audience and all other people around me at food stall. It made me more than satisfied 😊

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Monday, 8 May 2017


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 " Expressions are my Best Accessory "


So when you have danced last time just for fun? just to enjoy yourself! just to make you feel good!

As far as I concerned it's always make me feel so good when I dance and it makes me feel superb when I Dance just to have fun 😊. So Let me tell you why I had chosen to perform on song Lovely for my YouTube Dance Channel. 

First reason is simple I love this song, another reason I had already choreographed Lovely for 2 times for 2 different occasion by the time of my Lovely Dance Video but I wanted to express my vision so I thought why not I do that on my Channel πŸ™ƒ

Expression is BIG thing for me

I am blessed to be born as an Indian, I love deep vibrancy of Indian culture. I sometimes hear categorizing Bollywood songs as running around the trees but it is much more than that. Nobody knows Romance more than Bollywood. You will find every essence of romance in Bollywood, also Bollywood songs are the most expressive one considering the fact that we Indians are more emotional than anyone in the world. Though personally I am not a movie buff and I rarely watch movies nowadays. But yes I have grown up watching Bollywood movies so you will always find expressiveness in my every dance performance regardless of genre.

So if I will talk about my Lovely Dance performance, I was excited to perform as I really wanted to express my vision. Practicing for Lovely was a little easy for me as I had already done choreography of this before so I was knowing the song and beats quite well also when you love any song then dance comes naturally to you.
Still from Lovely Dance Video - La Fonceur

This song is very expressive, so I decided to perform a lyrical dance on Lovely to express it in a girl's point of view. I have kept this performance quite girly. You will find lots of girly expressions and adayein in my this performance.

It took me only 3 days to prepare my this performance while selection of outfit took me 5 days. To give it a complete Bollywood touch what else could have been better than Purple and Red combination. So I had decided to go for Purple and Red combination outfit and accessorize my outfit with red bangle and red watch and for footwear I wore red belly shoes. 

I shot my video in florescent camera setting to give a purple tint in my video. Shooting my Lovely Dance Video was not a big mess. I only shot 2 times to reach to the final video. In fact this is the fastest video that I have shot till now for my channel πŸ™‚

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Monday, 27 March 2017


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 How and When I started Belly Dancing

 ASALAAM-E-ISQUM La Fonceur Mixed Belly Dance


After Hip-Hop the other dance form that I love most is Belly Dance...

I have been practicing Belly Dancing from the age of 11. I first saw bellydance on Discovery channel, it was a documentary on Arab culture and how belly dance is part of their culture. I was so amazed how even mid age women are performing this incredible art. While me and my sister were watching this documentary in between my sister said to me "wow these women are incredible great dancer, nobody can do like this". I was like hello you know na before whom you are saying this, I can definitely do that. She said "no even you can't". Now it was the question of my pride. Though I told her that I can do this but even I wasn't sure whether I can do that or not. So she challenged me "ok fine then show me". I was nervous but I took a deep breath and then focussed and did my very first "full hip roll" belly dance step and my sis was like wow seriously you did it and I was on cloud nine as I managed to save my pride. That was the first time when I had attempted any belly dance step and since then I am practicing it. And that was also the day when I made a deal with my sister, I told her "see you can be dance fan of no one but me" πŸ˜‰  πŸ˜

I love belly dance because it looks so smooth and calm from outside but when you are actually doing it, it takes hell out of energy from inside to balance that smoothness in movement and calmness on the face. Belly dance looks good when you actually have some belly. I have tried belly dance with flat abs and when I had put on some weight and belly dance looks much great when you actually have belly. Believe me doing belly dance with 3.5 inches heel is tough :D. When I decided to wear heels for the performance I didn't realise that it is going to be that hard, I would not lie after the shooting my feet as well as my belly were aching so bad but nevertheless I loved performing on this song Asalaam-E-Ishqum 😊 

For best belly dance you should perform in bare foot as most of the belly steps can actually done greatly when you keep your body posture correct. For example for doing "one side hip drop " belly dance step you have to bend your knees, keep your weight on your toes and have to balance your upper body part by keeping your hip bone a little bit outward but when you are doing the same step with heels then most of the pressure will be on your belly instead of your toes which will make the execution uneasy.

Regarding my this Dance Video, I was dying to perform Belly Dance and I was practicing it a lot. I was searching for perfect song to perform my very first belly dance video for my youtube dance channel. I still have number of bellydance songs and music lined up on which I can perform whenever and wherever. But for the initial I didn't want to perform any hardcore belly dance video. So I thought of performing mixed belly dance and selected song Asalaam-E-Ishqum (If you are my youtube channel subscriber then you must be knowing that now I have a classic belly dance video too on my channel other than this one). Reasons for selecting Asalaam-E-Ishqum song were first it has some incredible belly dance music second I love this song's lyrics, I always love those songs which have communicating interacting loving lyrics. You can find this song's lyrics easily in English on Google.

Still from the Asalaam-E-Ishqum Dance Video - La Fonceur

When I shot this video I was not much happy with the outcome, somehow I wasn't satisfied, it didn't has that feeling that I wanted in it to be so I decided to re-shoot it, and fortunately this time I was happy with the result. :)

In future too you will find more belly dance videos on my youtube dance channel but until then have a look at my Asalaam-e-ishqum Mixed Belly Dance Video and Subscribe my channel if you liked it πŸ™‚ πŸ™ƒ

PS: There is always a benefit of having a sister, like you almost have two wardrobe in case you are bored with your's or you couldn't find any good dress for an occasion just sneak into her wardrobe somehow you will always find exactly what are you looking for in her collection. Like in my this video outfit was styled by me but clothing don't belong to me that all were borrowed from my sister (forcibly)πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜Š 


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Wednesday, 28 December 2016


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 "One After My Theme Park Experience "


So till now I had published my Kamli Dance video on my youtube Dance channel and had fulfilled my wish to have a Bollywood number on my channel. And again I was in search of new song to perform on. As new year had just arrived and all that new year club mix and party songs had influenced me to choose a Hip-Hop track for my next performance. My search was on and I was looking for some Hip Hop tracks. That time I was listening to Baaki Batein by Arjun Kanunga ft. Badshah a lot so I decided to go for it as my next Dance video. This was my first Dance video of 2016. As new year had just started, I was ready with my plans, to do list and goals that I wanted to achieve in this year. My new year had begun with full hustle. 

When I shot this video I was hell out of busy. Lots of things were going on during that period of time, I was just came back from my Mumbai trip and that trip was so awesome. Though I have visited Mumbai before but it was never like this before as for the first time I have celebrated christmas in Mumbai and another reason was that I had visited one of the best theme park Adlabs Imagica for which I was so obsessed and I had been planning to visit there for last 1 year and finally I had visited there and must say it was so so so amazing experience. 

Though I am not very fond of rides but still Nitro roller coaster was my one of the top priority (India's biggest and wildest roller coaster). I was so excited to try it and I did. It was extreme, that was longest and craziest 2 min 30 sec of my life πŸ˜† For the whole time I was feeling like my heart will come out, it was that crazy that I didn't have the strength to shout, I was all mum only my eyes were insanely widely open, why? I don't know plus I was sitting in first row first seat (never choose this seat! trust me) every time when we were going down, I was feeling my shoes are losing grip from my feet, I was so scared that I was feeling like I was loosing the grip from my seat so every time I held my seat belt even more tightly and as I have kept my eyes wide open I was able to look at people on ground from the height of 132 ft and it was crazy. I got relief when ride was over and for the next 5 min I was insanely shouting 'what the hell', I must have said it almost 30  times πŸ˜Ÿ. After 10 minutes I collected my consciousness and got normal. 

Other than roller coaster I had tried almost every Theme based Attractions there such as Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr, Cinema 360, Rajasaurus River Adventure, Salimgarh, Mr. India, Wrath of the Gods, above all my favorite was Rajasaurus River Adventure as I hadn't  expected the last sudden twist. If you guys will ever visit there then must try Nitro Roller coaster and Rajasaurus River Adventure. 

Nitro Roller Coaster

At Imagica

Enjoying evening at Imagica

Me with Puss in Boots 

Arrmada at Imagica
Some fun clicks

Having Chhappan Bhog at Govindas

Other than Theme Park I had visited some popular places in Mumbai. I had shopped some cute accessories from Colaba causeway street shops, tried street food specially momos, spent relaxed evenings at Juhu beach. Though I am not much religious but whenever I visit Mumbai I visit Iscon temple and have chhappan Bhog at Govindas (56 different dishes) it has become a kind of routine for me. This time food quality was not as good as it used to be but I enjoy the vibes over there. I have been visiting there since my childhood.

So when I returned home from my Mumbai trip I came back with lots of thrilling and exciting memories. It was real fun but I was so so tired. Even though I was tired I was excited for my next Dance video, I started practicing for my Baaki Batein dance video. As it was the beginning of the new year and this was going to be my first dance video of the new year, I decided to give an end note to all of my videos from now onward as I wanted my viewers to connect with me on various social platform and to stay in touch πŸ˜Š πŸ’ Love you Guys 

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