Monday, 8 May 2017


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 " Expressions are my Best Accessory "


So when you have danced last time just for fun? just to enjoy yourself! just to make you feel good!

As far as I concerned it's always make me feel so good when I dance and it makes me feel superb when I Dance just to have fun 😊. So Let me tell you why I had chosen to perform on song Lovely for my YouTube Dance Channel. 

First reason is simple I love this song, another reason I had already choreographed Lovely for 2 times for 2 different occasion by the time of my Lovely Dance Video but I wanted to express my vision so I thought why not I do that on my Channel 🙃

Expression is BIG thing for me

I am blessed to be born as an Indian, I love deep vibrancy of Indian culture. I sometimes hear categorizing Bollywood songs as running around the trees but it is much more than that. Nobody knows Romance more than Bollywood. You will find every essence of romance in Bollywood, also Bollywood songs are the most expressive one considering the fact that we Indians are more emotional than anyone in the world. Though personally I am not a movie buff and I rarely watch movies nowadays. But yes I have grown up watching Bollywood movies so you will always find expressiveness in my every dance performance regardless of genre.

So if I will talk about my Lovely Dance performance, I was excited to perform as I really wanted to express my vision. Practicing for Lovely was a little easy for me as I had already done choreography of this before so I was knowing the song and beats quite well also when you love any song then dance comes naturally to you.
Still from Lovely Dance Video - La Fonceur

This song is very expressive, so I decided to perform a lyrical dance on Lovely to express it in a girl's point of view. I have kept this performance quite girly. You will find lots of girly expressions and adayein in my this performance.

It took me only 3 days to prepare my this performance while selection of outfit took me 5 days. To give it a complete Bollywood touch what else could have been better than Purple and Red combination. So I had decided to go for Purple and Red combination outfit and accessorize my outfit with red bangle and red watch and for footwear I wore red belly shoes. 

I shot my video in florescent camera setting to give a purple tint in my video. Shooting my Lovely Dance Video was not a big mess. I only shot 2 times to reach to the final video. In fact this is the fastest video that I have shot till now for my channel 🙂

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