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How I ended up with my Dance Video "Exclusive Hip Hop Dance || Solo Stage Performance | Indian Punjabi Song || By La Fonceur"

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Those who don't know me, read my previous Post of this loop to know me well, click here:
This is La Fonceur. Those who don't know me please visit above link to know more about me.
Well I am summarizing my Intro here:
I am a Passionate dancer and Choreographer. I run my YouTube dance channel by the name La Fonceur. I am a complete Stage Person. I give stage performances. I am Masters in Pharmacy. I am full time Job Professional now which doesn't give me time for my dance so I was missing my Dance and to fulfill this desire I started my YouTube Dance Channel.
Like I shared in my previous post that I realized it has been a long time that I have given any live dance Performance. I was missing that a lot. And I decided to create a YouTube Dance Channel.
It took me 5 Months to start focusing on my youtube channel.
When I dance live before audience, I actually do not think anything, I just dip myself in that very track and just enjoy myself.
When I first created my youtube channel. I was confused what to upload. I had number of my Previous Stage performances footage. After thinking a lot I decided to upload most recent one. While I was preparing to upload my first youtube dance video, suddenly from nowhere all doubts started bombarding into my mind. By that time it's already been two years to showcase my dance skill. And my life has changed a lot by then. I was kind of grown up. I was now responsible matured person. I was living very different life as Healthcare Professional, so formal and so monotonous I was now feeling very shy to upload my dance video. What if some of my known person look at that and will judge me. what will they think? All these stupid thoughts were hitting my mind & I was reluctant to upload my video.

It took me 3 months to upload my very first Dance video on my youtube channel. I had tried to upload it 4 times but every time when I click upload button on youtube then in half I just close the whole tab and think I am not gonna do that.
Then I pushed myself very hard out of my worries, also my sister encouraged me a lot. Having a supporting sister is the Best thing anybody can have. :-)
And finally on occasion of New Year 2015, I uploaded my very first Dance video on my YouTube channel
Exclusive Hip Hop Dance || Solo Stage Performance | Indian Punjabi Song

Regarding this performance, I have uploaded only 1:30 Min clip from my full performance which was about 5 min long.

Story behind this Dance Performance:
The day I  had given this Dance Performance, I actually had given 3 back to back dance performances. And I  had asked the organizers to keep this performance as last among all of 3 as it was a very fast track and it required high energy. I remember that I have taken energy drink before this performance as that time I was on medication. 

Before this performance: 
I was down with viral fever and was hospitalized for 8 days I had 101°F fever for 18 days, that used to reached at 103°F during night time. So after getting treatment for 10 days when nothing worked out, I got hospitalized in emergency and admitted there for 8 days. By then I had already lost 6 kg (13 lbs). Plus I was insomniac at that time. Gosh, that was extreme painful and helpless situation. I hate being ill. So while I was in hospital, my routine was like waking up at 5 am, having breakfast at 7 am then watch TV then eat then watch TV then eat then watch TV then sleep, next day repeat the same routine :D. That's the other thing I had very tough nights there. People around me forced me to eat more and more as I had lost weight due to illness and as a result of having 3 full courses each of meal, fruit juices and soup. I gained 2 kg (4.4lbs) in 8 days only. At the time of discharge even nurse was surprised to see my gained weight, she asked me to weigh again just to confirmed that I  have gained weight instead of loosing in span of 8 days in hospital. Though my day time in hospital was so cool but nights were horrible, first I was insomniac so most of the nights I have spent just by changing sides and thinking about almost everything that exist in this world, second, my fever raised to 103°F at night and I used to shiver like hell. I, myself was from Medical field so I was knowing what exactly medication was going on. At a time I was so disappointed because I knew that doctor has already tried each possible medication to treat my viral fever but nothing was working out. Sometimes knowledge sucks, it takes your hope away. :(
But thankfully my fever went down from sixth day and on the occasion of Christmas I was discharged from hospital after spending 8 days there . This is one of the many reasons that I have strong belief in Jesus though I am not Christian. And I celebrate Christmas each year.

Though I was discharged but I was on complete bed rest for 1 month and was on medication. I am like the butterfly who can not sit on one place for more than 10 mins so bed rest was very annoying for me. So after healing for 1 month that actually felt like 1 year to me, now I was back to normal. Yet still was on medication but my energy level was triple than my usual energy level. May be this was my stored two months energy or I don't know. I was feeling like my heart is beating 172 per min instead of 72. So when I got chance to perform, I decided to give 3 performances. Other than my this solo performance, other two were group performances which cumulatively involved 20 people. I choreographed all  3 performances in span of seven days as we were running out of time and it was quite hash bash. I can choreograph my solo performance in half an hour but when its about group choreography and when other people involved too then it requires a lot of more work,  from choreography to teaching the exact steps to each one, to synchronizing and all other stuff. So I kept my solo performance as last so that I can focus well as this was a long song plus I had to control my breathing to maintain same energy level till last. I remember I was so focused and concentrated on myself during this performance that I was kind of partial deaf at a time. All the audience who are cheering in this video, I have actually heard them when I watched my video on my cam. I don't remember anything about this during my performance.
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