Tuesday, 10 May 2016


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                            "My Victory Dance"
As this Dance Video was shot spontaneously so I do
 not have Cover image of my Love Dose Dance Video.
Yet. I have tried  to take snapshot from my video and
this is all I could done.
So till now I had shown courage and finally able to upload my very first Dance Video on my YouTube channel. And this was 2015, New Year and I had planned some tasks to do in 2015. For the last three years I am practicing this habit where in the end of each year I plan my upcoming New Year, I set some goals for myself to achieve. And now in 2016 when I look back then I find that 70% of my set target for 2015 has been achieved and I am quite happy about it. Though my long term goals are still in run but short term goals are mostly achieved. And among all of my other goals this was one of them that I am sharing here. 
I had been extreme good, angel type person in 2014, I was extreme polite, extreme supportive, even sometimes I had gone beyond my comfort zone to help others and must say I have suffered a lot due to that. Though I am not that person that anyone can easily take advantage. I am more of a subtle person but one thing that I really do not like about me is my Honesty. There were ample of situation where I could have refrained myself from obstacles if I had not been Honest. But when you be good to mean bad people, you always end up getting hurt.

So there was a lot of new things were going on my Job front during new year. I was now part of a new Project. I was growing on my work front and that was not going well with some of my colleagues. And there's where office politics started. Initially I tried to keep working atmosphere light and friendly but that didn't work out. So I started to concentrate on my work only and became cut to cut but still no positive result. It was going worse by everyday. Now it was crossing my threshold level. Due to my honesty and politeness, I had already suffered a lot. So now I had to do something with those people to make things right. After all now it was the question of my dignity. And some people are so lame and so mean that you have to show them their real place or else they will eat you up. So that was my top priority of 2015 to make things even. And this time I was totally prepared to handle anybody and anything at any cost. I have my this attitude very clear that when I am Good then I am extreme Good and that's Good for you because when I am Bad I am worse, worse beyond than your imagination. Now I was totally on in this Game. And I was handling quite good and I had managed to acquire my niche. For a period everything was going fine and peaceful but then I had a very big fight with a guy at my work front and that was because of misunderstanding created by those idiots. As I was on different project previously so I didn't know this guy very well who was from my current project. We knew about each other only that much that have been told by these idiots to us as they were the only common link. The most misunderstanding was created by a guy with whom I have worked in previous project and he was not so keen of me moving out of his group. So he manipulated me a lot and I ended up being the bad person in that whole issue. So I decided to talk with this new guy to sort out these misunderstanding before anybody could have manipulated me more and Voila, this worked out. I talked to him in person, we discussed and cleared our all presumption about each other and explain our working style to each other. Not only we have sorted out this issue, we have exchanged some helping tips with each other. I have given him some important effective tips and he has given me some that wonderful advises that actually helped me in many ways. Now we were sharing an excellent work rapport and supported each other immensely in every situation. And intentionally or unintentionally we both were now taking revenge from that guy from my previous project who has created a lot of tension between us.

On this particular day when I had shot my Love Dose Dance Video I was on cloud nine as I had finally made things even, I got the news that this bastard has shifted to another branch due to his unethical behaviour. :D

All Dance Performances given by me shows my that time mood. How I feel I express through my dance. I am not saying that I dance to express only, sometime I dance to impress too and why not ;-)

On the day of shooting:
So on that day I came home from my job and I was so happy and excited. I was feeling like winner and was totally lost in my own world. I did not have a glass of water, I just took off my shoes and my watch. I started my Music player and played track Love Dose - Yo Yo Honey Singh as I was in Love with this song and I used to listen this a lot. This song was my ringtone for the longest period of time. 
So I have listened it continuously  5 times and after listening 5 times I thought why not express my feeling through my dance. So I have decided to make a dance video of it. I took out my DSLR, adjusted it, Performed on that track and Recorded it. 

If you will listen it carefully then you will find that there is a conversation going on between me and my mom at the very starting of my video. As I was just came home, my mom asked me

"you want to have something to eat?"
 and I have replied
"Ha" (yes) :)
Try to listen it :) better use headphones
So this was kind of my victory Dance. :)
Check out my this Dance Performance here: