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"When I Express Romantically through my Dance"

So till now I had uploaded my Love Dose Dance Video on my YubeTube Channel. I had shared my that video in some of the online communities and I had received some very positive responses and contrary to my first dance video I have seen some momentum in views for my Love Dose video. This is where I decided to take my YouTube Dance channel Seriously.

Now I was full of energy, and was very excited for my next Dance Video. I was continuously thinking about new track to perform on. And during that time I was listening to Bailando by Enrique Iglesias a lot and there is no need to mention that I was in complete love with this song. I still love it and I would love to do a couple dance on this track some day :)

Events that led me to Bailando Dance Video
Well I had made a friend on my work place. She was new there. We used to chat during break time, just casual formal chatting, but after few days we started having a lot fun together. I remember, one day on our break time we were just sitting in the lobby. That was one busy noon and people were passing by and we were secretly checking out the guys who were passing us. A hot guy passed staring at me, I also looked at that guy and this time I couldn't hold my thought and spoke out that 'damn this guy is so hot, God has must created him in extreme good mood', she then turned around and looked at me and we both laughed out like monsters for very long, that was our ice breaking then we had a very long girly talk where we shared our secret, our problems but above all our hot topic was always about Guys :D I have lots of friends but only  few are those with whom I can share my heart. She is one of them. After very long time, I had found a friend with whom I could share almost anything :)  

Another fun fact about me is that I am a satire queen. I can not resist myself without commenting on anyone and anything that pass me. I guarantee that if you are sitting next to me, I can make you laugh all the time, the only condition is that you have to have good sense of humor to catch my satires. I have this habit to pass comments all the time, just for fun though sometimes people get offended but my this friend, I used to make tremendous comments on her but she never minds, She knows even though I tease her a lot I mean seriously a lot but I am always there for her whenever she is in trouble :) If you will see us together you will find us either laughing like monsters or I am yelling at her. The reason for my yelling is that she asks me some that meaningless questions that nobody asks to anyone, it irritates me to the core of my heart still sometimes I answer her, sometimes I couldn't stop praising her IQ level and most of the time I yell at her :D

Icing on the Cake
So my personal life was also rocking by that time period. I was happy as it was my Birthday, I celebrated hard with my friends and family. 

I always wanted to color my hair red. But somehow I never got the chance. But then I decided to get red highlights for my hair and pamper myself on my Birthday. So I booked my Appointment at Lakme Salon, got my hair highlighted in red and golden, got done manicure, pedicure, facial. And you know what? damn! it was soooo costly. I ended up paying triple of amount than my calculated budget. This was the first time when I have spent that big money on pampering myself. 

Previously I used to spend big money on music gadgets as I am totally gadget freak. Previously I would have rather bought new Ipod or new extra bass headphone or camera memory card and If I had bought them all then also my total cost would have been less than my Salon bill :D :D 
And as I have pampered myself so hard, now I was feeling very girly. Also I had crush on someone at that time and cumulatively these all things were making me feel more & more girly & sweet & blushing & shy. And then there was this song Bailando, a perfect song to express myself. Yes I do so, when I have some feelings for someone I expressed it through my Dance :) I remember I have not even practiced for once before performing it. All the moves in my this Dance Performance is natural, all has come directly from my heart. This is what I was feeling at that time.

Check it out here and let me know what do you think :)

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