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"When I Dance to Fulfill A Past Wish"

So till now I had uploaded my Bailando Dance Video on my YouTube channel and was super excited for the response. I noticed that my this video is not getting that good views that I expected. 
After uploading my Bailando Dance video on one good morning I reached to my workplace, sat on my desk and called my bestie and told her "darl I have uploaded a new video on my youtube channel, check it out". She tried to open it on her mobile and told me that my video is not available on Mobile youtube. I was like what the f#$% . Till now it has not happened to me with any of my previous videos. I was left high and dry. I was so upset and I got to know that this is the reason due to which I have low views for my Bailando dance video.

Anyway I had shared it's clip on my instagram profile ( And received some cute comments :-) that relieved me a little. So again I charged up myself and started preparing for my next dance video. For very long time I was confused on which track should I perform next. I have selected few tracks and started practicing too but somehow I was not able to connect to any of those tracks.

How I selected Aloo Chaat track
I hate being interrupted during my dance practice so I practice for my dance either at the midnight or in early morning so that nobody can disturb me. I try to walk 45 min to 60 min daily if not daily then I make sure to walk on alternate days. I walk through my living room to hall in late evenings after my family members asleep and always have my ipod on. For one hour it's just me and my music. This is the time when all creative ideas come to my mind. This is my way to concentrate. It gives me peace and help me to focus. 

On one late evening I was walking with my Ipod on and was listening to my playlist. And then Aloo Chaat by RDB song played, I started thinking how much I really wanted to perform on this track back when I was in college but couldn't do so as another group was performing on the same track and I do not do so. I only perform on my unique songs. I do not share my track with anyone I do not share my people with anyone. That's my Attitude.

As I couldn't fulfill my wish to dance on this track so I thought why don't I perform on Aloo Chaat for my YouTube channel and fulfill my past wish. And I decided to go for it. During that time I was crazy about black frame goggles. So I decided to have goggles and to do 2 ponies look for my this video. 

Till that time I myself had been shooting my Dance videos. But for my Aloo Chaat dance video for the first time I asked my sister to shoot it. About her I will say that she is very sophisticated and may be the busiest  person in this universe. She believes in perfection. So when I asked her to shoot, what all she did! she took more than half an hour to just adjust the video cam frame, it took so much time that my focus had completely gone by then and I was not able to perform properly. It was taking more than expected time, above that my sister was yelling at me on each take that "be fast betu I have important work to do, be fast...". And finally worst happened my cam battery got exhausted and I couldn't shoot that day, it frustrated  me to the core of my heart. I ended up having big fight with my sister, we started blame game, I blamed her for whatever happened and she blamed me for her delayed work. We both couldn't complete our respective work that day. Nevertheless, next day I calmed myself, charged my cam battery, we sisters patched up and in evening we had shot my Aloo Chaat Dance Video, also she clicked some of my pics for my Video thumbnail :)

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