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"Anger Works Best for Me"

So till now I had published my Aloo Chaat Dance video on my YouTube Dance Channel and I had received some decent response. 
For my Dope Shope - Yo Yo Honey Singh Dance video, there are lots of personal stuff attached due to which this Dance Video happened.

Before starting it's Back story, I would like to share that this is the Dance Video that I love among all of my other videos. There are lots of things due to which I love this most, this is my all time favourite performance.

Once I start shooting for any Dance video I generally shoot for trial 2-3 times to check camera setting, frame etc. The final video of this Dance that is available on my youtube channel was actually not final, I had to give another shot but when I had done my first trial, I just played on my cam and I was like Damn this is the best, this is how I wanted it to be, perfectly the way I am. This dance shows my actual attitude. The way I am from my heart - Fearless, Bindaas, Rowdy. I don't give a damn.

During that time my professional life was going through turbulence. Anybody who is doing job may understand that you have to behave in certain way when you are at work, you can not simply express your heart out. And that's where I am not best at as I am straight forward person, I just simply say what is in my heart. If anybody is mean to me on my back and pretending to be good to me on my front. I can not behave good to that person just for the sake of being good. I would rather prefer to be straight forward in that situation, there is where people misinterpret it as my rudeness. For the sake of being professional, I was forced to pretend to be fake good on work. My friend, she used to tell me if somebody is doing wrong to you why you always want to sort out things just do wrong to them too and I was trying hard to do so but I had a lot of anger and frustration in my heart. 
So I was tired of having 32 teeth showing fake smile at all the time. There was a lot of anger and frustration inside me, I can not even explain how much I was full of anger that time, it was suffocating me from inside. I am not short temper but I have extreme bad anger and unlike the usual saying, instead of destructive, my anger helps me to think sharply and clearly, sometimes I even think that I forcibly anger myself just to have crystal clear thinking and to take right decisions. 

I used to listen this Dope Shope song a lot during that time and this song was working as Dope for me. I used to express my anger through my dance on this track. When I had first listened to this song I fell for it's beats, that music and beats had completely driven me crazy. This song is in Punjabi which is not my primary speaking language so there was some part of the lyrics that I was not understanding at all, thanks to Google translate! it always help me when I stuck in language barrier :) I remember at work whenever there was any free time while other of my colleagues gossip I used to memorise Dope Shope lyrics. I had decided that I will perform on this track one day but when that I wasn't sure as this was the best track to show my attitude and I wanted to do justice to this track and may be I was not prepared for that song that time. 

I generally practice for any of my dance at night with my Ipod with all lights off in darkness to concentrate more. So I was actually practicing for other song for my youtube channel. I had practiced almost a week, now I was all set to shoot the video. 

I was selecting my dress for my video, the song that I actually selected was also a Hip-Hop number. So I picked my Denim shirt and paired it with my Red ankle length pant. And I have just bought my this Blue ankle length boot so decided to have it in my video. I dressed up. I was just combing before mirror while my Ipod was still on and then next song was Dope Shope. I looked at mirror and thought gosh this would be the perfect attire for Dope Shope. Have I ever mentioned before that I have inclination for shirts :),  it's one of my addictions and it perfectly goes with my attitude. So now I charged up myself for dope shope. And decided that today I will perform on Dope Shope instead of the one I decided earlier.  I practiced 2-3 times and shot my first trial that I later finalise to final one...
Here are some clips of my practice video...

Practice Video one


Practice Video two

Most of my girl friends are not much into my Hip-Hop Dance they love my belly Dance and freestyle dance but my guy friends they just love my Hip-Hop dance and encourage me a lot. When I first shown this video to my close girl friend in middle of the video she asked me eee dear it's so fast, your neck is alright na?? :D :D I could not stop laughing....

I have received enormous requests for more Dance videos of Yo Yo Honey Singh Songs. Most of the requests I received were for Brown Rang & Blue Eyes by Honey Singh. If I will get chance then I will perform and upload my dance videos of them meanwhile...

Check out my favourite Dope Shope Dance Video here:


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