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 "One with my New Professional Canon DSLR"

So till now I had published my Dope Shope Dance Video on my YouTube Dance Channel. I was quite happy with the response. I have seen hike in views, likes & comments, I was liking it all. Now I was thinking to upload new Dance video and was desperately searching for any new song that will suit to my Dance style. I was researching a lot plus I was receiving lots of online request to perform on other songs of Yo Yo Honey Singh. I had also shown my Dope shope dance video to my local friends and they also had list of songs ready for me to perform. Suggestions, suggestions and suggestions. I got confused and it's already been 2 months since I have uploaded any new Dance video and yet I have not come to the selection of song for my next Dance Video. I have practiced on some of the dance numbers but not having that feeling about any of that tracks. That charm was missing from any of the songs on which I was practicing. So I was walking on one late evening with my Ipod on and next song was Kamli on my playlist. I felt connected with this song. Plus I wanted to do a Bollywood number for my channel. So I decided to perform on song Kamli. 

Camera and my childhood connection
When I was a kid, probably around 6 years old, I won a SLR camera through some contest (of course my parents applied in behalf of me). I was always fascinated by SLRs specially the lenses so I was on cloud 9 and was very happy that now I will have my own camera. But there had to first give some money to avail that prize. So my dad said No and explained to me that it's a scam but I was kid, I didn't believe him as I thought he is just making up the story as he doesn't want to buy that camera for me. I was extremely angry with my dad and cried for the whole week and didn't talk with him and decided that whenever I will have my own money first thing that I am gonna buy will be a camera. Though I later understood that my dad is right but that wish stuck inside me of having my very own camera. 

When I was in my final year of Pharmacy, I worked really very hard. Along with the heavy pharmacy studies, I was preparing for national level entrance examination to do Masters in Pharmacy. I used to drive 34 km everyday on my 2 wheeler to my college, I remember, that whole year I was either studying or driving or fulfilling my dance commitments. Nevertheless, I studied very hard and cleared entrance examination with quite good national level ranking to get admission in Masters in Pharmacy and as I had scored high, I was eligible for stipend :):) And when I got my half yearly stipend check on my hand I knew what is the first thing that I am gonna buy. I bought my very own Nikon DSLR. That was an extremely good satisfying feeling. :)

Canon EOS 700D | Nikon L810 | Kodak M 1063 | Yashica MF-2 Super 

I loved my Nikon dslr and had amazing and lots of clicks. Though I love my dslr but when I was making dance videos for my youtube channel, I realised that I need to upgrade my camera to professional DSLR to have better quality videos. I didn't want to compromise in the matter of quality. Here's where my research began. It is nearly impossible for me to buy any new big product without any prior research. I can't help it, first I am by profession is a researcher plus by nature itself I am a true researcher. So I compared different well known camera brands, each and every feature, I practically visited stores 10 to 15 times just to have live demo for each brand. After researching for almost 6-7 months I narrowed down my search to Nikon & Canon, as I already had one Nikon DSLR, I decided to go for Canon and bought my Canon EOS 700D.

Struggle with my new DSLR
Till that time I had perception about me that I am very great photographer and I know it all, after all I had clicked amazing clicks from Nikon Dslr. So I was quite confident about my new Canon Professional DSLR but soon I realised that my DSLR knowledge is in negative :| Even when I was purchasing the cam, the demonstrator was demonstrating key function and asked me to try it and when I tried and had a click, after looking at my click demonstrator given me a look and taunted me that madam you don't know anything about this camera. I was embarrassed :| So I started going through tutorials and I read whole instruction manual  388 pages 2-3 times and after attending some canon workshops now I was ready to shoot my Kamli Dance video from my Canon EOS 700D.

Things were not working out with the video and I had shot my Kamli dance video 4 times to reach to the final Dance video that I have uploaded on my youtube channel and I remember I was tired as hell after shooting hence I slept straight for 14 hrs after that :)

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