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How I ended up to INSTAGRAM and my Dance name LA FONCEUR || "Instagram Journey" on completion of 2 years on Instagram

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I have completed 2 years on Instagram. And it's been a great journey and one of the best thing that happened to me. So in completion of 2 years I thought I should blog my Journey :) Today I am gonna write about how I coined the name that you are familiar with! Yes, that's right I am talking about my Dance name "La Fonceur"

My journey of Instagram began on Oct 25 2014. Before that I was not at all a social media person. I was not using any social media platform. The reason why I didn't want to be on social media? Answer is simple, I like my privacy and find it stupid to stay connected 24/7 to those with whom I meet in person daily. And if you are gonna give me an excuse that it's also a better way to connect people with whom you have lost touch long before then I am gonna say why would I need to stay connected with those people whom I have left long ago. And if there are some special people from the past then I would love to have connection with them in person. Where I can see them with my naked eyes, hear them and feel the warmness when they are around. And if it's not possible then I would prefer to connect with them over Phone personally. 

It's not that I had this perspective without giving any try. Yes, once I had my Facebook profile that also I have created because everyone had their Facebook profile and it was the trend. I never wanted to join but I had to follow the trend otherwise I would have been lagged behind. 

I am the person who prefer originality, purity, I can't stand hypocrisy and pretension. I come to know how people fake on social media. I found people acting and behaving quite opposite than they are in reality. Some were so cool on social media but when I talk to them in person they couldn't even able to have a mindful conversation. Soon I realise people have started to make their online presence as their original personality. Which was completely unreal. I too tried that but then I realised that in no way it's possible for me to share publicly that now I am eating, now sleeping or any other personal detail. For me, it was like someone is intruding my personal space. Plus I found it's not helping me in any way. It was disturbing my studies too. And I was so fed up and was so tired of looking at other people's time to time happening and pretension. And when I actually needed, none of my online friends came to help me out, I only got help from those people who were not cool online personality. So I thought hell with the trend and decided to quit social media and decided I will never gonna be on social media again.
I like to have people in my life who stick to me in my thick and thin, I don't want people just for the sake of having them.

Till time it has been 2 years since I have left social media and believe me my life was rocking. I used to do lots of stuff that was in my bucket list. I Had great friends circle, joined some hobby activities, travelled a lot.

As I have shared before in my previous posts that I was always had a thing for photography, I love to click as well as love to be clicked :). It was about that time when I have just came back from my Kerala trip and had 500 to 600 clicks from my Kerala trip. It was one of the best trip I ever had. I enjoyed every moment of that trip And I had clicked everything, all from Houseboat Backwater to Beaches to Botanical garden to Wildlife Sanctuary to Elephant ride. It was like I reborn again. I had locked my all memories in my camera. And used to looked at my clicks again and again. 

I was crazy about photography so my sister told me to have an Instagram Account. I asked her now whats that? what I am gonna do there and whats the use of it. She explained to me that it's a good platform, join it, post your already clicked pics, you don't need to do much plus as you are gonna have your youtube channel soon then it's good platform to connect with your viewers. But I always put off this conversation and say will see later. But whenever I talk about my clicks she used to jump again to the point of having Instagram account. After her persuasion for 2 weeks I agreed to have an Instagram account only with the condition that I will give it 2 months try and if I will not like it then I will opt out.

So now that I was ready to have Instagram profile which I was gonna use for my photography and dance, now the question was that what would be my Instagram name as I was not so keen to have it only as my personal profile, I wanted to give it a creative feel to satisfy my creative thrust plus I was planning to create my youtube dance channel too very soon and I had to get my Dance name.

So here's where my search began for the name. In real world I had lots of Dance names associated to me. Be it Stage Rocker, Lady MJ, Hip- Hop girl, Bugatti (No idea why people call me that) but the most common name that is associated to me is Barbie as I had perform on 'I am Barbie girl by Aqua' three times in my life, first when I was 11 years old, then when I was 14 years old and then when I was 22 years old. Some of the people even don't know my name, they just call me Barbie. Sometimes it irks me too. But it is what it is. 
So when I was deciding the Instagram/Youtube name I thought it should me something that I am and I can relate with. As my name suggests I always try to move ahead and to do progress and always want to achieve something in my life. Keeping all that in mind me and my sister came to my Dance name - "LA FONCEUR which means The Achiever"  (How and where I finalise La Fonceur name is another very interesting story which I will share some other day :) )

So I joined Instagram and started posting my Landscape clicks. And unlike my previous social media experience, I started liking Instagram because here I was connecting with the like minded people only, who share same passion of Photography and Dance as me. Though we are not at all knowing each other personally still have a common connection, connection of passion. What makes me feel more good that there are people on my Instagram who follow some passion just like me and I have seen, how much they have grown in their passion in 2 years and still seeing them growing on daily basis on their passion converted profession which inspire me a lot and give me super energy to follow my dreams and passion and to achieve my lifetime goals :). There were a lot of time where these people inspired me to stand back again and start moving when I got weaken or when I was loosing hope. It also makes me feel good to see that some of my followers are following me from the day of my joining Instagram to till now.

Today when you will look at my Instagram profile then you will find most prominently my Dance clicks/Video or Food clicks/Nail art clicks/Nature clicks or if not all above then simply clicks of my Parrot Ilu (My little fur ball) :)

Today I am on a lot of social platform because of my Dance work. If it's not for my work I still don't prefer to use social platform for personal use. I still don't use any social media for personal connections whether it's Facebook or WhatsApp. And never felt the need to be there. And luckily I am blessed with people around me who know and respect that and amend accordingly. :)

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