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So till now I had published my Kamli Dance video on my youtube Dance channel and had fulfilled my wish to have a Bollywood number on my channel. And again I was in search of new song to perform on. As new year had just arrived and all that new year club mix and party songs had influenced me to choose a Hip-Hop track for my next performance. My search was on and I was looking for some Hip Hop tracks. That time I was listening to Baaki Batein by Arjun Kanunga ft. Badshah a lot so I decided to go for it as my next Dance video. This was my first Dance video of 2016. As new year had just started, I was ready with my plans, to do list and goals that I wanted to achieve in this year. My new year had begun with full hustle. 

When I shot this video I was hell out of busy. Lots of things were going on during that period of time, I was just came back from my Mumbai trip and that trip was so awesome. Though I have visited Mumbai before but it was never like this before as for the first time I have celebrated christmas in Mumbai and another reason was that I had visited one of the best theme park Adlabs Imagica for which I was so obsessed and I had been planning to visit there for last 1 year and finally I had visited there and must say it was so so so amazing experience. 

Though I am not very fond of rides but still Nitro roller coaster was my one of the top priority (India's biggest and wildest roller coaster). I was so excited to try it and I did. It was extreme, that was longest and craziest 2 min 30 sec of my life 😆 For the whole time I was feeling like my heart will come out, it was that crazy that I didn't have the strength to shout, I was all mum only my eyes were insanely widely open, why? I don't know plus I was sitting in first row first seat (never choose this seat! trust me) every time when we were going down, I was feeling my shoes are losing grip from my feet, I was so scared that I was feeling like I was loosing the grip from my seat so every time I held my seat belt even more tightly and as I have kept my eyes wide open I was able to look at people on ground from the height of 132 ft and it was crazy. I got relief when ride was over and for the next 5 min I was insanely shouting 'what the hell', I must have said it almost 30  times 😟. After 10 minutes I collected my consciousness and got normal. 

Other than roller coaster I had tried almost every Theme based Attractions there such as Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr, Cinema 360, Rajasaurus River Adventure, Salimgarh, Mr. India, Wrath of the Gods, above all my favorite was Rajasaurus River Adventure as I hadn't  expected the last sudden twist. If you guys will ever visit there then must try Nitro Roller coaster and Rajasaurus River Adventure. 

Nitro Roller Coaster

At Imagica

Enjoying evening at Imagica

Me with Puss in Boots 

Arrmada at Imagica
Some fun clicks

Having Chhappan Bhog at Govindas

Other than Theme Park I had visited some popular places in Mumbai. I had shopped some cute accessories from Colaba causeway street shops, tried street food specially momos, spent relaxed evenings at Juhu beach. Though I am not much religious but whenever I visit Mumbai I visit Iscon temple and have chhappan Bhog at Govindas (56 different dishes) it has become a kind of routine for me. This time food quality was not as good as it used to be but I enjoy the vibes over there. I have been visiting there since my childhood.

So when I returned home from my Mumbai trip I came back with lots of thrilling and exciting memories. It was real fun but I was so so tired. Even though I was tired I was excited for my next Dance video, I started practicing for my Baaki Batein dance video. As it was the beginning of the new year and this was going to be my first dance video of the new year, I decided to give an end note to all of my videos from now onward as I wanted my viewers to connect with me on various social platform and to stay in touch 😊 💝 Love you Guys 

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