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Humma Humma Dance Video Cover Image

No doubt I love this song (Humma Humma A R Rehman) and it's one of my favorite songs. There was an essence in 90's songs that somewhat lost in today's songs. There were some awesome melodious romantic songs in 90s and early 2000s and I have great love for them. Not only romantic songs I love 90's Dance numbers too, as I love how musicians used to experiment with different musical instruments, that innovative unique musics and beats give me ample of space to include different steps as beats change in every 5 seconds. I do not much like those songs where whole song plays on single type of beat only.  

I love Humma Humma song because this is purely a romantic song yet have superb dance music which makes it unique. 

I first performed on this song on stage 6 years ago. I loved choreographing and performing on this song particularly because it was audience favorite of that event πŸ™‚. And I have beautiful memories of that performance. 

When I was selecting song for my next Youtube Dance Video. I was receiving requests for a Hip-Hop dance number. So I thought why not to recreate the magic of Humma Humma on my channel😊. Though I did not remember the all steps from my previous Humma Humma stage performance but most of the steps are same. 

Shooting a Dance Video is quite different than performing live on stage. Whenever I give stage performance my all work is only limited to my performance, my only job is to give my best performance and once it's done I am done. Factors that make things a little easier while performing live on stage are ample of stage space, sound manager as I do not need to take tension for music, everything thing is already set on stage, all I need to focus on my performance, and of course my lovely lovely enthusiastic audience who fill me with tremendous energy while I perform. In contrast of this, while shooting my youtube dance video, all work is done by me. I have to manage stage, sound, and camera too and still need to maintain focus on my performance. 

When I give stage performance I never ever watch my performance video till 6-7 months as I find it a little awkward to watch myself performing, I do not like it but when I shoot my youtube dance video I have to watch my performance 100 times, first just after shooting to check if all things are in place later while editing. I have to watch my performance numerous time during editing and that's the most awkward thing I face. But bright side is day by day I am learning a lot of videography through my videos and I really love it 😊 

I have a clip of Humma Humma performance which is not in very good condition but still have a look,

So this is the footage of my live performance that I have managed to find from my thousands of media collection. It took me entire day to find this clip. I remember I had performed with empty stomach. I generally don't eat before my performance but that event started quite late. By the time of my performance  dinner time was already  over and after performing I was so hungry but most of the food was already over, so I had to manage with very little food but it was all worthy when I had received extreme positive response from audience and all other people around me at food stall. It made me more than satisfied 😊

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