Tuesday, 5 September 2017

How I ended up to my Dance Video "RANGEELA THEME DANCE PERFORMANCE by La Fonceur"

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Still from Rangeela Dance Cover

In today's blog I am going to share backstory of my Rangeela Dance Cover This is my favorite in Freestyle Dance covers section and second favorite after Dope Shope Dance Cover among all of my Dance Videos on my youtube channel. 

This is my one of the favorites because I really really enjoyed choreographing and performing it. This is not my typical dance style but I always love to perform on Music where there is no lyrics as in that way I can express freely without being restricted to the lyrics. 


It was starting of April and weather was so calm and beautiful. I was feeling the nature and  the beautiful nature was giving me a heartful  smile on my face. I was really enjoying that phase. It was very soulful. 
Climate always rule my mood, it made me much more calmer and I was feeling so connected to myself. I decided to express myself through this beautiful Rangeela music. It was a pure feminine  dance. 

While it may look like very soft dance but expressing it in soft way took enormous energy. To be honest I do a lot of energetic hip hop but doing this freestyle expressive dance was much more energy draining. Every time after practice I had excessive sweating of head and I ended up washing my hair everyday for 10 days. But I was feeling so connected to this Music, it was so perfect for my mood. I expressed inner me, Soft side of me which I normally do not like to show. 

When I was choreographing it I wanted to justify each and every music in it as I didn't have lyrics in it to express. So after practicing for 10 days I was all set to shoot the video.

When I was planning to shoot final video some of my friends asked me to watch the shoot. so I invited them. I had given them special instruction to not make any noise while shooting but at the end of the video one of my friend clapped  (at 2:50 min) and I kept it in the video anyway to retain the originality of the video. So for me this video was my live performance too, for which I got instant response 😊, they loved it! This is the reason why I love live performance a lot as I receive viewers response instantly. 

Still from Rangeela Theme Dance from Youtube.com/LaFonceur

This was also the performance for which I had received best compliment online. I actually shared this video on my twitter account (@la_fonceur) where one of the viewer replied 

"A friend of mine linked me your channel and you rock it. Makes me miss dancing so much" 

It made me so happy to see that I made someone miss dancing through my Dance 😊. 

I am so happy that my Rangeela dance video came out this way, I can proudly say that in this performance I have really put my heart out. And this is so special to me. 

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